A Handbook for DNA-Encoded Chemistry: Theory and Applications for Exploring Chemical Space and Drug Discovery

By Robert A. Goodnow

This book comprehensively describes the development and practice of DNA-encoded library synthesis technology. Together, the chapters detail an approach to drug discovery that offers an attractive addition to the portfolio of existing hit generation technologies such as high-throughput screening, structure-based drug discovery and fragment-based screening. The book:

  • Provides a valuable guide for understanding and applying DNA-encoded combinatorial chemistry
  • Helps chemists generate and screen novel chemical libraries of large size and quality
  • Bridges interdisciplinary areas of DNA-encoded combinatorial chemistry – synthetic and analytical chemistry, molecular biology, informatics, and biochemistry
  • Shows medicinal and pharmaceutical chemists how to efficiently broaden available “chemical space” for drug discovery
  • Provides expert and up-to-date summary of reported literature for DNA-encoded and DNA-directed chemistry technology and methods
ISBN-13: 9781118487686
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 5/5/2014
Edition number: 1
Pages: 480


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