Biofluid Mechanics: Principles and Applications

By Ali Ostadfar


Biofluid Mechanics is a throrough reference to the entire field. Written with engineers and clinicians in mind, this book covers physiology and the engineering aspects of biofluids. Effectively bridging the gap between engineers’ and clinicians’ knowledge bases, the text provides information on physiology for engineers and information on the engineering side of biofluid mechanics for clinicians. Clinical applications of fluid mechanics principles to fluid flows throughout the body are included in each chapter.

All engineering concepts and equations are developed within a biological context, together with computational simulation examples as well. Content covered includes; engineering models of human blood, blood rheology in the circulation system and problems in human organs and their side effects on biomechanics of the cardiovascular system. The information contained in this book on biofluid principles is core to bioengineering and medical sciences.

  • Comprehensive coverage of the entire biofluid mechanics subject provides you with an all in one reference, eliminating the need to collate information from different sources
  • Each chapter covers principles, needs, problems, and solutions in order to help you identify potential problems and employ solutions
  • Provides a novel breakdown of fluid flow by organ system, and a quick and focused reference for clinicians

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