Netter’s Essential Biochemistry

By  Peter Ronner PhD Concise writing, a focus on clinical applications, and superb illustrations make Netter’s Essential Biochemistry, by Peter Ronner, PhD, the perfect choice for a basic understanding of biochemistry.. A single expert voice,… Read more »

Comprehensive Medicinal Chemistry III, Third Edition

By Samuel Chackalamannil, David Rotella, Simon Ward Comprehensive Medicinal Chemistry III provides a contemporary and forward-looking critical analysis and summary of recent developments, emerging trends, and recently identified new areas where medicinal chemistry… Read more »

Physical Chemistry: How Chemistry Works / Edition 1

By Kurt W. Kolasinski Overview Much of chemistry is motivated by asking ‘How’? How do I make a primary alcohol? React a Grignard reagent with formaldehyde. Physical chemistry is motivated… Read more »

Biological Distance Analysis: Forensic and Bioarchaeological Perspectives

By Marin A. Pilloud, Joseph T. Hefner Overview Biological Distance Analysis: Forensic and Bioarchaeological Perspectives synthesizes research within the realm of biological distance analysis, highlighting current work within the field… Read more »

Oral Bioavailability Assessment: Basics and Strategies for Drug Discovery and Development

By Ayman F. El-Kattan, Mike S. Lee Overview Specifically geared to personnel in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, this book describes the basics and challenges of oral bioavailability – one… Read more »

Asymmetric Synthesis in Organophosphorus Chemistry: Synthetic Methods, Catalysis and Applications / Edition 1

By Oleg I. Kolodiazhnyi Overview Authored by one of the leading experts in the field, this is the only comprehensive overview of chiral organophosphorus compounds, from asymmetric synthesis to catalysis… Read more »

Biofluid Mechanics: Principles and Applications

By Ali Ostadfar Overview Biofluid Mechanics is a throrough reference to the entire field. Written with engineers and clinicians in mind, this book covers physiology and the engineering aspects of… Read more »

Bioelectrochemistry of Biomembranes and Biomimetic Membranes

By Rolando Guidelli Overview Invaluable to biochemists, biophysicists, and pharmacological scientists; this book provides insights into the essential principles required to understand why and how electrochemical and electrophysiological tools are… Read more »

Biomarkers in Alzheimer’s Disease

By Tapan Khan Overview Biomarkers in Alzheimer’s Disease provides a comprehensive overview of all modalities of Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers, including neuroimaging, cerebrospinal fluid, genomic, and peripheral systems. Each chapter integrates… Read more »

Manual of Molecular and Clinical Laboratory Immunology

By Barbara Detrick (Editor), John L. Schmitz (Editor), Robert G. Hamilton (Editor) Overview THE authoritative guide for clinical laboratory immunology For over 40 years the Manual of Molecular and Clinical… Read more »