Pharmaceutical Analysis: A Textbook for Pharmacy Students and Pharmaceutical Chemists, 3rd Edition

By David G. Watson BSc PhD PGCE Description An introductory text, written with the needs of the student in mind, which explains all the most important techniques used in the… Read more »

Drug-Induced Mitochondrial Dysfunction

By James A. Dykens, Yvonne Will  Description This is the definitive, one-stop resource on preclinical drug evaluation for potential mitochondrial toxicity, addressing the issue upfront in the drug development process. It… Read more »

Biodegradable Polymers in Clinical Use and Clinical Development

By Abraham J. Domb, Neeraj Kumar Description The definitive guide to biodegradable polymer science—where we are and what’s to come The most comprehensive review of biodegradable polymers already utilized or… Read more »

[FREE] Aspartic Acid Proteases as Therapeutic Targets (Methods and Principles in Medicinal Chemistry)

By Arun K. Ghosh, Raimund Mannhold, Hugo Kubinyi, Gerd Folkers Description In this ground-breaking practical reference, the family of aspartic acid proteases is described from a drug developer’s perspective. The first part provides… Read more »

Drug Discrimination: Applications to Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Studies

By Richard A. Glennon, Richard Young Description Drug discrimination: a practical guide to its contributions to the invention of new chemical entities and evaluations of new or known pharmacological agents… Read more »

Pediatric Drug Development, Second Edition

By  Andrew E. Mulberg, Lisa L. Mathis, Dianne Murphy, Julia Dunne Description Most medicines have never been adequately tested for safety and efficacy in pediatric populations and preterm, infants and children are particularly… Read more »

Natural Products in Medicinal Chemistry (Methods and Principles in Medicinal Chemistry)

By Stephen Hanessian  Description The inspiration provided by biologically active natural products to conceive of hybrids, congeners, analogs and unnatural variants is discussed by experts in the field in 15… Read more »

Therapeutic Proteins: Strategies to Modulate Their Plasma Half-lives

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Devalued and Distrusted: Can the Pharmaceutical Industry Restore its Broken Image

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Pharmaceutical Chemistry, First Edition

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