[FREE] Civil War Pharmacy: A History of Drugs, Drug Supply and Provision, and Therapeutics for the Union and Confederacy

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The Veterinary Formulary 6e

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[FREE] Enzyme- and Transporter-Based Drug-Drug Interactions: Progress and Future Challenges

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[FREE] Ethical and Scientific Issues in Studying the Safety of Approved Drugs

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[FREE] Evaluation of Drug Candidates for Preclinical Development: Pharmacokinetics, Metabolism, Pharmaceutics, and Toxicology

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[FREE] Early Drug Development: Strategies and Routes to First-in-Human Trials

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[FREE] Epigenetics and Disease: Pharmaceutical Opportunities

By Susan M. Gasser En Li Description Epigenetics has emerged recently as an important area of molecular biological studies. Epigenetic modifications lead to potentially heritable but reversible alterations in the… Read more »

[FREE] Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry: In Drug Discovery, Bioorganic Chemistry, and Materials Science

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[FREE] Drugs and Popular Culture in the Age of New Media

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