Advances in Parasitology, Volume 84

By  David Rollinson Description First published in 1963, Advances in Parasitology contains comprehensive and up-to-date reviews in all areas of interest in contemporary parasitology. Advances in Parasitology includes medical studies on parasites of major… Read more »

Advances in Parasitology, Volume 79 (Advances in Parasitology)

By David Rollinson, S.I. Hay Description Advances in Parasitology includes medical studies on parasites of major influence, such as Plasmodium falciparum and trypanosomes. The series also contains reviews of more traditional areas, such as… Read more »

Global Mapping of Infectious Diseases, Volume 62: Methods, Examples and Emerging Applications (Advances in Parasitology)

By S.I. Hay, Alastair Graham, David J. Rogers Description This special volume of Advances in Parasitology gives a comprehensive overview of the practical procedures involved in all aspects of global… Read more »

Reflections on a Century of Malaria Biochemistry, Volume 67 (Advances in Parasitology)

By Irwin Sherman Description Malaria is one of the most common infectious diseases and an enormous public health problem. Each year it causes disease in approximately 650 million people and… Read more »

Arthropods as Vectors of Emerging Diseases (Parasitology Research Monograph

By Heinz Mehlhorn Description Global warming and globalization are the buzzwords of our time. They have nearly reached a religious status and those who deny their existence are considered modern heretics. Nevertheless, the… Read more »

Medical Parasitology, 2009 Edition

By Abhay R. Satoskar, Gary Simon  Description Infections caused by parasites are still a major global health problem. Although parasitic infections are responsible for a significant morbidity and mortality in the… Read more »

Parasitology for Medical and Clinical Laboratory Professionals

By John W. Ridley Description PARASITOLOGY FOR MEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNICIANS is the ideal text to guide readers in understanding the background, source, recovery, and identification of a well-representative range of… Read more »

Dictionary of Parasitology, First Edition

By Peter J. Gosling Description Although many books have been published on various aspects of human, animal, and plant parasitology, as well as the public health problems associated with parasites,… Read more »

Functional and Evolutionary Ecology of Fleas: A Model for Ecological Parasitology, First Edition

By Boris R. Krasnov Description Fleas are one of the most interesting and fascinating taxa of ectoparasites. All species in this relatively small order are obligatory haematophagous (blood-feeding) parasites of… Read more »

Parasitology: An Integrated Approach, First Edition

By Alan Gunn, Sarah Jane Pitt Description Parasitology: An Integrated Approach, provides a concise, student-friendly account of parasites and parasite relationships that is supported by case studies and suggestions for student… Read more »