Pharmaceutical Product Development: Insights Into Pharmaceutical Processes, Management and Regulatory Affairs

By Vandana B. Patravale Overview Pharmaceutical product development is a multidisciplinary activity involving extensive efforts in systematic product development and optimization in compliance with regulatory authorities to ensure the quality,… Read more »

Retinal Pharmacotherapeutics: Retinal Pharmacotherapeutics

By Q.D. Nguyen, E.B. Rodrigues, M.E. Farah, W.F. Mieler The use of pharmacotherapeutics in the management of retinal diseases is rapidly evolving, and a favorable therapy for the patient. Today anti-VEGF… Read more »

Genotoxicity and Carcinogenicity Testing of Pharmaceuticals

By Michael J. Graziano, David Jacobson-Kram Overview This book provides an overview of the nonclinical testing strategies that are used to asses and de-risk the genotoxicity and carcinogenicity properties of… Read more »

Pharmaceutical Calculations 15e

By Howard C. Ansel, Shelly Stockton Master the fundamental calculations principles and basic techniques you need to know for successful pharmacy practice! Thoroughly reviewed by practitioners, and educators, this 15th Edition… Read more »

Modern Applications of Plant Biotechnology in Pharmaceutical Sciences

By Saurabh Bhatia, Kiran Sharma MPharm, Randhir Dahiya MPharm PhD, Prof Tanmoy Bera MPharm PhD Modern Applications of Plant Biotechnology in Pharmaceutical Sciences explores advanced techniques in plant biotechnology, their applications… Read more »

Nonclinical Assessment of Abuse Potential for New Pharmaceuticals

By Carrie Markgraf MD PhD, Thomas Hudzik PhD, David Compton PhD DABT Nonclinical Assessment of Abuse Potential for New Pharmaceuticals offers a complete reference on the current international regulatory guidelines and… Read more »

Dictionary of Pharmaceutical Medicine

By Gerhard Nahler Overview This dictionary includes various terms typically used in pharmaceutical medicine. The 3rd edition underlines the increasing importance of this science and the changing regulatory environment, especially… Read more »

The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics

By Hemant Godara For the past 65 years, The Washington Manual® of Medical Therapeutics, now in its Thirty-Fourth Edition, has been one of the best-selling medical texts in the world…. Read more »

Radiochemical Syntheses Volume I & II

By Peter J. H. Scott, Brian G. Hockley, Michael R. Kilbourn The Radiochemical Syntheses series provides scientists and professionals with a comprehensive reference to proven synthetic methods for radiochemical reactions, along… Read more »

Pharmaceutical Blending and Mixing

By P. J. Cullen, Rodolfo Romañach, Nicolas Abatzaglou, Chris D. Rielly Pharmaceutical Blending and Mixing is written in four parts, this book provides a dedicated and in-depth reference for blending within… Read more »