Sterile Compounding for Pharm Techs–A text and review for Certification

By Kristy Malacos, Denise Propes Overview PREPARE SAFE AND QUALITY STERILE PRODUCTS IN ANY PRACTICE ENVIRONMENT Sterile Compounding for Pharmacy Technicians: Training and Review for Certification is an essential resource… Read more »

Non-Sterile for Pharm Techs-Text and Certification Review

By Denise Propes, Etta Johnson Overview LEARN HOW TO PREPARE QUALITY COMPOUNDED PHARMACEUTICALS IN ANY PRACTICE ENVIRONMENT Non-Sterile Compounding for Pharmacy Technicians is written to provide pharmacy technicians with a… Read more »

Workbook for Pharmacology for Pharmacy Technicians 2e

By Kathy Moscou Overview Specially designed to parallel the material in Pharmacology for Pharmacy Technicians, 2nd Edition, this helpful workbook provides in-depth study and review of the ASHP content requirements… Read more »

Essentials of Law and Ethics for Pharmacy Technicians, Third Edition

By Kenneth M. Strandberg Overview As the practice of modern medicine becomes more and more pharmacology dependent, the role of pharmacy technicians is becoming more complex. This is true in… Read more »

Essential Math and Calculations for Pharmacy Technicians (CRC Press Pharmacy Education)

By Indra K. Reddy, Mansoor Khan, Mansoor A. Khan Overview Accurately calculating medication dosages is a critical element in pharmaceutical care that directly affects optimal patient outcomes. Unfortunately, medication dosage… Read more »

The Pharmacy Technician: A Comprehensive Approach 3e

By Jahangir Moini Begin a rewarding pharmacy career with THE PHARMACY TECHNICIAN: A COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH, 3e! The book gives readers the knowledge and skills required for working with a licensed pharmacist… Read more »

The Pharmacy Technician: Foundations and Practice 2e

By Mike Johnston The Pharmacy Technician: Foundations and Practices 2e addresses today’s comprehensive educational needs for one of the fastest growing jobs in the United States: the pharmacy technician. As professional regulations… Read more »

Law and Ethics for Pharmacy Technicians 2e

By Jahangir Moini Law and Ethics for Pharmacy Technicians 2e explores the legal and ethical landscape surrounding pharmacy technician careers today. Interactive and thought-provoking, the text uses case studies to draw you… Read more »

Comprehensive Exam Review for the Pharmacy Technician 2e

By Jahangir Moini COMPREHENSIVE EXAM REVIEW FOR THE PHARMACY TECHNICIAN 2E is the essential book for readers who are preparing to take the Pharmacy Technician National Certification Exam. Essential material summaries… Read more »

Understanding Pharmacology for Pharmacy Technicians

By  Mary Ann Stuhan PharmD RPh Using language and organization aimed directly at pharmacy technicians, Understanding Pharmacology for Pharmacy Technicians offers more than 700 pages of practical applications, safety issues… Read more »