Evidence-Based Validation of Herbal Medicine: Farm to Pharma

By Pulok K. Mukherjee

Evidence-Based Validation of Herbal Medicines brings together current thinking and practice in the areas of characterization and validation of natural products. This book reviews all aspects of evaluation and development of medicines from plant sources, including their cultivation, collection, phytochemical and phyto-pharmacological evaluation, and therapeutic potential. Emphasis is placed on describing the full range of evidence-based analytical and bio-analytical techniques used to characterize natural products, including –omic technologies, phyto-chemical analysis, hyphenated techniques, and many more.

Key features

  • Includes state-of-the-art methods for detecting, isolating, and performing structure elucidation by degradation and spectroscopic techniques
  • Covers biosynthesis, synthesis, and biological activity related to natural products
  • Consolidates information to save time and money in research
  • Increases confidence levels in quality and validity of natural products

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