Healthy Herbs: Fact versus Fiction

By  Myrna Chandler Goldstein , Mark A. Goldstein M.D.

While the use of herbs and herbal supplements seem an attractive alternate to man-made therapies, such use is often inspired by anecdotal evidence rather than sound clinical research. Healthy Herbs: Fact versus Fiction examines the health claims associated with 50 popular herbs and coalesces the clinical findings on these natural substances. This useful resource examines the history and use of herbs and will ultimately help readers make informed decisions regarding these natural therapies.

The findings in the book are culled from credible sources such as international, peer-reviewed journals, providing nomenclature, history, common usage, effectiveness, and additional suggested reading on selected herbs and herbal supplements. Rather than advocating for or against alternative medicine or herb use, the book provides authoritative, unbiased, and evidence-based information so the health conscious can make informed decisions for themselves.


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