Heat Transfer in the Chemical, Food and Pharmaceutical Industries

By Jean-Paul Duroudier


Heat Transfer in the Chemical, Food and Pharmaceutical Industries, a new volume in the Industrial Equipment for Chemical Engineering set, includes thirteen independent volumes on how to perform the selection and calculation of equipment involved in the thirteen basic operations of process engineering, offering readers reliable and simple, easy to follow methods.

Throughout these concise and easy-to-use books, the author uses his vast practical experience and precise knowledge of global research to present an in-depth study of a variety of aspects within the field of chemical engineering.

  • In this volume, the author focuses the heat exchanges between gases, liquids, divided solids and compact solids without changes of phase.
  • This book includes discussion on changes of phase, heat exchange processes, combustion and the necessary equipment to measure these.
  • The chapters are complemented with appendices which provide additional information as well as any associated references.

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