Managing and Leading: 44 Lessons Learned for Pharmacists

By Dr. Paul W. Bush PharmD MBA FASHP , Stuart G. Walesh PhD PE Dist.M.ASCE
Managing and Leading: 44 Lessons Learned for Pharmacists offers useful ideas and tools for pharmacists, residents and students to improve their managing and leading skills, and more effectively approach the non-technical or “soft-side” aspects of working with colleagues, administrators, vendors, clients, and patients.
Each of the 44 lessons in this guide contains an essay that offers at least one idea or principle for honing management and leadership effectiveness. Following each lesson are practical suggestions for ways to apply the ideas using application tools and techniques such as action items, guidelines, do and don’ts, checklists, forms, and resource materials such as articles, papers, books, e-newsletters, and websites.
Lessons are focused in the following areas:
  • Personal Roles, Goals, and Development
  • Communication
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Improving Personal and Organizational Productivity
  • Meetings and Agendas
  • Marketing Models

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