Peppers: Botany, Production and Uses


Vincent Russo worked at the University of Guam, currently working Research Leader at the Wes Watkins Agricultural Research Laboratory, Lane, UK, BS Forestry, MS, Botany, PhD, Botany


The group of plants known as ‘peppers’ is diverse, containing types that contribute to the fresh and processed food markets as well as varieties that are used in pharmaceuticals and other non-food commercial products. Peppers originally developed in tropical regions, but are now grown and used in every country where it is possible to grow them, including in areas where production is difficult.

This book examines peppers from historical, genetic, physiological and production perspectives, following the development of the cultivated crop from the wild type. Diverse examples of pod types and their variation in pungency are examined. Production methods, including the importance of fertilization and irrigation are discussed, as are constraints on production, including pests, pathogens and weeds. Harvesting methods and post-harvest challenges and opportunities are also explored.

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  • Publisher: Cabi (February 2012)
  • Language: English


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