Pharmaceutical Emulsions: A Drug Developer’s Toolbag

By Dipak Kumar Sarker

Pharmaceutical Emulsions: A Drug Developer’s Toolbag covers all the key aspects of pharmaceutical emulsions, starting from the fundamental scientific basics, to the pharmaceutical forms and the chemical tests for its application. The author uses his extensive experience in both industry and academic experience to provide a concise, student friendly guide to the essential fundamentals of physical pharmacy. Divided into three clear sections, the text begins with Section A – Consideration for Product: Medicinal Formulation which includes a historical perspective, explanation of what is an emulsion, stability and instability, and manufacture. Section B- Forms, Use and Application follows, with chapters on creams and ointments, pastes and bases, colloids, transdermal , gels and implants. The final Section, Tests: Chemistry to control the quality , efficacy and fitness for purpose of the product includes chapters on physic-chemical properties, sizing and microscopy, rheology, QC and finally questions, calculations and dilemmas. Throughout the text there are numerous figures, diagrams and tables to engage the reader. This is an invaluable reference for all students of pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacy industrial pharmaceutical sciences, physical pharmacy and pharmaceutical forms as well as industry professionals


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