Pharmaceutical Microbiology

By Ashutosh Kar is a well-known Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and has to his credit thirty years of teaching experience at undergraduate and postgraduate levels both in Indian Universities and abroad. He has authored more than fifty research papers of pharmacological studies on natural and synthetic drugs in national and international scientific journals.

The textbook on `Pharmaceutical Microbiology` has been adequately developed and expanded according to the AICTE- Approved Syllabus-2000 meant for the Pharmacy Degree Programme across all the Indian Universities, and others abroad offering similar curricula.

Specific attention has been duly paid to the presentation of each chapter that essentially includes: brief introduction, theoretical aspects, classification, neat and vivid diagrammatic illustrations of figures-graphics-equipments, lucid explanations, supportive classical examples, and profusely supplemented with explanatory`foot notes`-references in addition to further reading bibliography.

The text content runs over ten chapters that may prove to be of paramount interest and enormous readability not only confined to the B.Pharm., students but also to various M.Sc., academic curricula in such disciplines as: Food Microbiology, Environmental Science, Microbiology etc.

Key Features Include

  • Concise and exhaustive presentation of scientific informations from several sources.
  • A wealth of theoretical information that opens newer possibilities.
  • Detailed classification of various microbial aspects.
  • Pharmaceutical assays and methodologies.
  • Comprehensive index includes significant terminologies.
  • Well documented statement of facts.

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