Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologist 3rd Edition

Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologist 3rd Edition

By  Katherine C. Snyder, Chris Keegan

Written specifically to meet the needs of surgical technologists, Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologist 3rd Edition focuses on the uses of medicines, agents, and solutions in surgery. An introduction to pharmacology covers basic math skills, pharmacologic principles, and drug administration, and is followed by detailed descriptions of common surgical medications along with anesthesia in surgical and emergency situations. This edition adds a new index of drugs by surgical specialty, and a companion Evolve website reinforces your understanding with practical activities and exercises, drug calculations, and more. In this book, Surgical Technology educators Katherine C. Snyder and Chris Keegan cover all areas of pharmacology that are designated in the core curriculum by the AST (Association of Surgical Technology).


  • Coverage of pharmacology includes all areas designated in the core curriculum by the Association of Surgical Technology (AST).
  • A review of basic math skills and pharmacologic principles makes it easier to apply the information to surgical situations.
  • Learning tools in each chapter include learning objectives, key terms with definitions, chapter summaries, and review questions.
  • Important and practical advice is provided with Caution alerts, Tech Tips, Notes, and First Assist boxes.
  • Common surgical medications are covered by category and include descriptions of surgical applications.

New to this 3rd Edition:

  • The free companion Evolve website includes a NEW online study guide with chapter objectives, outlines, key term activities, drug calculations, chapter exercises and review questions, critical thinking exercises, and chapter quizzes.
  • Expanded appendix includes an index of Drugs by Surgical Specialty focusing on specific uses of medicines and solutions in surgery.
  • Revised Anesthesia unit helps you assist the anesthesia care team with updated protocols and a more cohesive organization for preoperative medications, patient monitoring and local and regional anesthesia, general anesthesia, and emergency situations.
  • References in each chapter make it easier to find source material.


“Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologist 3rd Edition is a basic general pharmacology reference written for surgical technologists. The purpose is to provide pharmacological information for surgical technologists. While I think this is a worthy objective, I am unsure what this information will enable these technologists to do. I believe it is written for those who work in the surgical realm but do not have a formal education in medicine, such as nurses. The authors wrote this book because they felt no text existed for this population of surgical technologists. I feel that their audience (high school level of education) would appreciate a basic text such as this. Very general areas are covered, from basic math to anesthesia complications. I particularly liked the section on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. A noteworthy features is how key words are not only highlighted but explained in the beginning of each chapter. Also impressive are the critical thinking questions provided at the end of each chapter. Conversely, I found the history of pharmacology and the basic math sections to be a weakness of this text. I think that the target readers would appreciate cases in which they could evaluate simple situations. This third Edition of Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologist is a good, basic book for those who need to understand minimal basics in the surgical arena. I feel that the authors tried to reach a population (surgical technologists) that could use a simple reference. I am unaware of any other books that serve this population, and I strongly feel that all employees in the surgical arena need to have references that they can understand and help them mature in their field of work. “

Krysia Warren Hudson, MS, RNC (Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing)

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Unit 1: Introduction to Pharmacology
1. Basic Pharmacology
2. Medication Development, Regulation and Resources
3. Pharmacology Math
4. Drug Administration
Unit 2: Applied Surgical Pharmacology
5. Antibiotics
6. Diagnostic Agents
7. Diuretics
8. Hormones
9. Drugs That Affect Coagulation
10. Ophthalmic Agents
11. Fluids and Irrigation Agents
12. Antineoplastic Chemotherapy Agents
Unit 3: Anesthesia
13. Preoperative Medications
14. Patient Monitoring and Local and Regional Anesthesia
15. General Anesthesia
16. Emergency Situations
Index of Drugs
Drugs by Surgical Specialty

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