Pharmacy Business Management

By Steven B. Kayne (Editor)

Pharmacy Business Management provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of business management. Written by experts in the field, this book provides theoretical and practical information, explaining the financial, legal and marketing aspects. Throughout the text, case studies illustrate how this information may be applied in practice.

Many pharmacy graduates will eventually be involved in the management of community pharmacies. Pharmacists in other business environments also need financial and marketing skills. However, few pharmacy students and pharmacists receive training about management, and relatively little is published on business management that is specifically relevant to pharmacy. This book redresses the balance.

This book will help guide both potential and practising pharmacists, pharmacy owners, branch managers and students through the many pitfalls of running a successful pharmacy. Pharmacy Business Management will also be of interest to managers working in hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry.


The book realistically discusses the nature of operating a retail pharmacy as a business that requires expert economics, accounting, and management of resources. It covers the profitability aspect of a business, from macroeconomics and microeconomics to supply and demand and customer service. It is the book’s comprehensive, yet not all inclusive, approach that gives it a unique flare of A to Z business management without becoming an accounting or a financial management textbook.

This first edition of Pharmacy Business Management would probably be of value to graduate and undergraduate students, as part of an MBA or a healthcare administration program, as it may be too condensed for an active practitioner or an actual pharmacy manager.


Part 1 The Foundation of Pharmacy Management
1. Professionalism and Business Practice
2. The Economic Basis of Business
3. Overview of the Pharmacy Sector
4. The Business Background of a Retail Pharmacy
5. Acquiring a Pharmacy
6. Legal Aspects of Pharmacy Business
7. Consumer Law
8. Risk Management
9. Insurance

Part 2 Putting Management Into Practice
10. Financial Management
11. Managing Service Delivery
12. Managing Profit
13. Marketing in the Pharmacy
14. Layout and Merchandising
15. E-Pharmacy
16. Human Resources Management
17. Management in Secondary Care
18. Medicines Management


‘This well structured and readable book should be seen as a core text for those undergraduate, pre-registration trainees and recently qualified pharmacists who wish to progress down the business path.’
Stuart Reeve, Managing Director – Nelson Health Centre Pharmacy & Clinical Governance and Community Pharmacy Development Pharmacist – South Leeds PCT

‘…the book has successfully managed to bring a lot of order into chaos and the compilation has successfully managed to bridge gaps in knowledge in a comprehensive, straightforward format. It is worth reading because we all know it is not the crook in modern business that we fear the most but the honest man who doesn’t know what he is doing.’
Sid Dajani, Member of the Council (RPSGB) and the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee. Secretary of Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham local pharmaceutical committee

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