The Pharmacy Informatics Primer

By Doina Domitru PharmD MBA 
The information technology revolution has fueled the demand in hospitals and health systems for accomplished experts who can help select, implement and maintain CPOE, BCMA, EHR and other systems. As the use of IT in healthcare expands and the complexity of medication therapy increases, there has been a correspondingly rapid growth in the practice of pharmacy informatics and a basic need for an understanding of key elements.
The Pharmacy Informatics Primer provides a foundational understanding and offers “pearls of wisdom” for pharmacy professionals involved in informatics. This introductory resource outlines key concepts in understanding, developing, implementing, and maintaining clinical information and automation systems.
This essential guide is designed for all pharmacists and covers an introduction to major concepts of informatics such as ePrescribing, CPOE, bar-coding, smart pumps, and the pharmacist’s role in EHR. Chapter features include key terms and definitions, and a comprehensive table of pearls, specific to each subject to present a clear understanding of all concepts.


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