Registration Exam Questions IV

By  Bukhari, Nadia

Registration Exam Questions IV features over 500 open and closed book questions. With around 80 questions that specifically test your calculations skills, this fourth volume will help you prepare for every element of your GPhC registration exam.

As with the real exam, all questions are based on the BNF, BNF for Children or Medicines, Ethics and Practice. The variety of question styles helps to recreate the exam experience and include:

  • Simple completion questions
  • Multiple completion questions
  • Classification questions
  • Statement questions

This volume is written by a team of experienced authors who all work with pharmacy pre-regs everyday. The team have included questions that often come up in the workplace as well as some that will really challenge you. As such Registration Exam Questions IV will be indispensible during your undergraduate and pre-registration years.

Watch out for those tricky calculations questions and good luck in your exam!

Book details

ISBN 978 0 85711 155 5

Published Feb 2015


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