Sampson’s Textbook of Radiopharmacy 4e

By Tony Theobald

The fourth edition of this well-established text has been completely revised and updated to reflect developments in the science and practice of radiopharmacy that have taken place over the last ten years. As the demand for radiopharmacists continues to increase, this book aims to meet the need for specialised information on the use of radiopharmaceuticals in the detection and treatment of diseases and conditions. The book is divided into the following six sections: physics applied to radiopharmacy; medicinal radio-elements; radiopharmacology and radiopharmacokinetics; radiopharmaceutics: formulation, preparation and quality assurance; radiopharmacy practice; and new techniques for design and testing of radiopharmaceuticals. Sampson’s Textbook of Radiopharmacy 4e is supported by the UK Radiopharmacy Group and includes contributions from experts worldwide. It is the only up-to-date reference that covers the regulation of radiopharmacy practice in the UK, the USA and Europe. This book is essential reading for advanced students specialising in radiopharmacy and will serve as a lifelong reference for radiopharmacists practising in PET (Positron Emission Tomography) centres, nuclear medicine centres and radiopharmacies, as well as those working in research or the pharmaceutical industry.

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