The Hands-on Guide to Clinical Pharmacology

By Sukhdev Chatu

Are you about to sit your pharmacology exams? Do you lackconfidence in prescribing? Would it help to have a quick reference,pocket–sized reassurance on common drugs and the conditions thatthey are used in?

The Hands–on Guide to Clinical Pharmacology is theperfect companion for students, doctors, nurses, pharmacists andother health care professionals who need help on the ward or arepreparing for exams. It includes sections containing both treatmentregimens of common conditions and detailed information on therelevant drugs that help you obtain a better understanding oftherapeutic management.

The benefits include:

  • A–Z of over 100 key drugs in a one–drug–per–page format
  • A systems–based approach
  • Fully indexed text
  • Clear explanations of drug mechanisms – a regular feature ofpharmacology exams
  • Management guidelines for common conditions within eachsystem
  • Brand new two–colour design to help with informationretrieval
  • A new chapter on chemotherapy agents

Take the stress out of clinical pharmacology with TheHands–on Guide!


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