Traditional Herbal Medicine Research Methods: Identification, Analysis, Bioassay, and Pharmaceutical and Clinical Studies


Willow J.H. Liu


This book introduces the methodology for collection and identification of herbal materials, extraction and isolation of compounds from herbs, in vitro bioassay, in vivo animal test, toxicology, and clinical trials of herbal research. To fully understand and make the best use of herbal medicines requires the close combination of chemistry, biochemistry, biology, pharmacology, and clinical science. Although there are many books about traditional medicines research, they mostly focus on either chemical or pharmacological study results of certain plants. This book, however, covers the systematic study and analysis of herbal medicines in general – including chemical isolation and identification, bioassay and mechanism study, pharmacological experiment, and quality control of the raw plant material and end products.

Key Features

  • Helps medicinal chemists and natural products researchers understandthe chemistry, biochemistry, biology, pharmacology, and clinical science of herbal medicines
  • Covers methods and techniques for herbal identification, chemicalisolation and analysis, bioassays, and the pharmacological aspects of herb-derived natural products
  • Provides information on the mechanisms, concepts, and methods for the study of traditional medicinal herbs


“This book is neither a set of herbal monographs nor a cursory discussion of research mixed with rhetoric; instead it offers concrete and insightful discussion of research methodology in traditional herbal medicine. While it does not replace reference books containing complete scientific monographs on specific herbal medicines, it is complementary, providing the research framework required to develop scientifically sound, quality products. For this important role, it is highly recommended.” (Doody’s, 5 August 2011)



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