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A Practical Guide to Contemporary Pharmacy Practice and Compounding 4e

By Deborah Lester A Practical Guide to Contemporary Pharmacy Practice and Compounding is your hands-on, step-by-step guide to receiving and filling prescription drug orders as well as a comprehensive look at… Read more »

Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms: Capsules

By Larry L. Augsburger (Editor),‎ Stephen W. Hoag Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms: Capsules covers the development, composition, and manufacture of capsules. Despite the important role that capsules play in drug delivery and product development,… Read more »

Netter’s Essential Biochemistry

By  Peter Ronner PhD Concise writing, a focus on clinical applications, and superb illustrations make Netter’s Essential Biochemistry, by Peter Ronner, PhD, the perfect choice for a basic understanding of biochemistry.. A single expert voice,… Read more »

Comprehensive Medicinal Chemistry III, Third Edition

By Samuel Chackalamannil, David Rotella, Simon Ward Comprehensive Medicinal Chemistry III provides a contemporary and forward-looking critical analysis and summary of recent developments, emerging trends, and recently identified new areas where medicinal chemistry… Read more »

Community Pharmacy: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

By Paul Rutter Overview Now in its fourth edition, this best-selling book is fully updated to address the ever increasing demands on healthcare professionals to deliver high-quality patient care. A… Read more »

Aulton’s Pharmaceutics: The Design and Manufacture of Medicines

By Michael E. Aulton (Editor), Kevin M.G. Taylor (Editor) Overview From a review of the previous edition: ‘For all the pharmacy students out there part of your pharmacy degree will… Read more »

Pharmacy Registration Assessment Questions

By Nadia Bukhari Pharmacy Registration Assessment Questions features over 400 closed book and calculation questions. With the registration exam having gone through a complete transformation in 2016, this volume has been… Read more »

Compound Solutions: Pharmaceutical Alternatives for Global Health

By Susan Craddock Overview Claiming 1.5 million lives in 2015, tuberculosis is the world’s most deadly infectious disease. Because of the population it overwhelmingly affects, however, pharmaceutical companies are uninterested… Read more »

Quantitative Chemical Analysis / Edition 9

By Daniel C. Harris Overview The gold standard in analytical chemistry, Dan Harris’ Quantitative Chemical Analysis provides a sound physical understanding of the principles of analytical chemistry and their applications… Read more »

Organic Chemistry / Edition 8

By William H. Brown, Brent L. Iverson, Eric Anslyn, Christopher S. Foote Overview ORGANIC CHEMISTRY is a student-friendly, cutting edge introduction for chemistry, health, and the biological sciences majors. In… Read more »